St. Joseph's Health Care London motto

Creating a healthier community has shaped the mission of St. Joseph’s for more than 150 years. Through local, regional and national partnerships, and sharing our expertise, St. Joseph’s implements solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our community. Through the video below, we invite you to discover how the successes and achievements of our 2022-2023 fiscal year have made an impact on the physical, mental and social well-being of those we serve and across our broader community.


A message from our CEO and Board Chair

It’s no secret what makes a hospital great – an unwavering focus on patients, residents, families and caregivers, a steadfast commitment to excellence, and delivering on an exceptional care experience. St. Joseph’s Health Care London has long been a standout on those pillars, but what happens within our walls and through our outreach programs doesn’t fully convey just who we are and what we do.

Creating a healthier community has shaped the mission of St. Joseph’s from its earliest days. The pioneering Sisters of St. Joseph founded our organization on precisely that calling and were vanguards in improving the social welfare of society. It is with great pride St. Joseph’s carries on this significant responsibility. By building local, regional and national partnerships, and sharing our expertise and resources, we seek and implement solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our community.

Each year in our Annual Report to the Community, we share the achievements and aspirations from across our multi-site organization. The video above is a mere glimpse of how we are advancing our priorities of Reaching Out, Advancing Excellence, Leading in Research and Innovation, Leveraging Technology and Empowering People. Most important, you will discover the impact of these successes on the physical, mental and social well-being of those we serve and our broader community.

With the strength of our past, the expertise of our staff and physicians, the support of our community and with our partners, St. Joseph’s is committed to making a difference for those we serve and far beyond.


Roy Butler,
President and CEO


Nawaz Tahir,
Chair, Board of Directors



Our 4,815 staff and physicians made a lasting impact on the wellbeing of those we serve.


St. Joseph’s reported strong financial results for 2022-2023 as we continued to focus on recovery from the COVID-19 global pandemic.

During 2022-2023, St. Joseph’s was able to meet or nearly meet all volume accountabilities established with Ontario Health West, including 321,000 patient/resident days, 23,000 surgeries, 51,000 urgent care visits and 787,000 outpatient and outreach visits, including 92,000 virtual visits.

As part of St. Joseph’s pandemic recovery efforts, a total of 32 incremental beds were operated at Parkwood Institute throughout the year and, with the support of Ontario Health’s surgical recovery strategies, St. Joseph’s completed an additional 2,000 surgeries to support our health system and community.

St. Joseph’s ended the fiscal year with an accounting surplus of $14.9 million, driven by confirmation of government funding above our budget estimates and strong performance of our investment portfolio. The surplus will enable critical future investments including the ongoing renewal of our facilities and enhancements to virtual care solutions, expanding St. Joseph’s electronic health record OneChart and modernizing technology across St. Joseph’s to enable improved system integration and decision making.

We have invested $23 million in new equipment and building-related projects, including MRI upgrades and floor replacements at St. Joseph’s Hospital and the creation of a new clinical space at Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care, to enhance the care of our patients during assessment and treatment. We are grateful for the support of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation and the generosity of its donors, contributing more than $1 million to St. Joseph’s capital investments.

As an organization we face ongoing challenges as we continue our recovery from the pandemic. We stand confident in continuing to respond to the needs of our community and health system. In maintaining a stable financial position, we are continuing our mission of excellence in care and our pursuit of forging a better health care system for those we serve.

Mary Gillett,
Treasurer, St. Joseph's Health Care London Board of Directors