A Legacy of Care

Our Report to the Community 2018–2019

An enduring legacy has continually propelled St. Joseph’s Health Care London to reach new heights in care, teaching and research. This year, St. Joseph’s celebrates a remarkable 150 years of care, with the same spirit and devotion that has defined the organization since 1869. Then and now, guided as always by the mission of Catholic health care, St. Joseph’s continues to make a difference, caring for every patient, resident and family caregiver as an individual and attending to the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

Our Stories

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Nurse Heidi Smith checking a patient’s feet for deformities

A 'Furst' in Protecting Feet

The numbers are startling. Half of all limb amputations in Ontario are directly related to diabetes. Of those, 85 per cent are a result of a foot ulcer (breakdown of the skin) that won't heal...

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Diane Jamieson ready to spar with volunteer Greg Overlend

A One-Two-Punch in Rehabilitation Success

When you walk past the Geriatric Day Hospital at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute, you might do a double-take when you see Diane Jamieson, 78, donning her boxing gloves to throw a double jab...

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Hand therapist Shrikant Chinchalker checking a patients hand

The Best Person for the Job – Hands Down

Expertise in hand therapy and a "handy" Indian accent creates the perfect formula for teaching in South Asia...

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Patients of the COPD and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program enjoying a picnic at Gibbons Park

Breathing in the Benefits of Fitness

Not long ago, Jim Kenny, 74 described himself as fragile and "in desperate shape." He couldn't walk to the end of his lane, was depressed with no social life and dwindling independence...

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Marnie McGarry suited up ready for a game of floor hockey with Jeff Lovell

Beyond the Classroom

Hockey sticks and shin guards have become part of the weekly routine for residents at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care, along with several energetic medical students...

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Psychiatrist Dr. Sandra Northcott looking at a painting with inspiring words

It's Okay to Ask for Help

Struggling with persistent thoughts of suicide, a young woman in the care of psychiatrist Dr. Sandra Northcott was at risk of harming herself. She had been hospitalized multiple times for prolonged periods due to mental illness and was struggling to cope...

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Nurse Carina Jacob talking to patient Norma Westgate

Redefining the End-of-Life Journey

When Doug Del Net was nearing the end of his life in December 2017, he and his wife Barbara made a decision. His final days would be spent at Parkwood Institute with the support and compassionate care provided by the Palliative Care Unit...

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Stephanie Wilds using State-of-the-art imaging technology

Transformative Surgery Saves Breasts, Improves Survivorship

Stephanie Wilds was 45 when diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in both breasts. In the past, she would have endured a double mastectomy. Instead surgical oncologist Dr. Muriel Brackstone was able to remove the cancer, and save her breasts...

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A Legacy of Care

In 2019, St. Joseph’s Health Care London marks 150 years since the founding of its oldest site – Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. Today, Mount Hope is part of a large and distinguished family that also includes St. Joseph’s Hospital, Parkwood Institute, and Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. As one of Canada’s most unique academic health care centres playing a vital role in the health and wellbeing of London and far beyond, St. Joseph’s celebrates an illustrious legacy of faith and caring now 150 years strong.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, circa 1892

St. Joseph’s Hospital Opens

In the late 1880s, a government inspector, impressed by Mount Hope’s caring community, encouraged the founders to open a hospital in London. For $7,500, they obtained an old home close to Mount Hope. On Oct. 15, 1888, St. Joseph’s Hospital opened with 10 beds, four doctors and three nursing staff.

St. Joseph’s operating room, circa 1951

A Growing Legacy

By 1948, after five major additions to its building, St. Joseph’s Hospital could accommodate 300 patients and employed 330 staff members. By now, St. Joseph’s was a major referral centre within Southwestern Ontario, and had signed a formal agreement with Western University to be recognized as a teaching hospital.

St. Joseph’s baby registry

More Than 100,000 Births

Already known as a place where babies were born, St. Joseph’s Hospital pioneered a perinatal unit for high-risk pregnancies in 1967, where miracles happened. Over 100 years, more than 100,000 babies were born at St. Joseph’s Hospital before the perinatal program transferred to London Health Sciences Centre in June 2011.