The Year the World Changed

St. Joseph's Report to the Community 2020‑2021

Just over one year ago, the world changed. COVID-19 arrived and with it came the critical rush for hospitals to mobilize, and fast. St. Joseph’s moved swiftly, efficiently, expertly and innovatively. The role of St. Joseph’s in the region’s pandemic response has been extensive – from opening new beds and caring for the most vulnerable during COVID-19 surges, to sweeping new infection control measures, fast-tracking virtual care, and ramping up research to delve into COVID unknowns. A glimpse of this effort can be found in “COVID by the numbers” created to capture a mere snapshot of our pandemic response. In reality, COVID-19 is affecting so many aspects of life – at home and work. Yet St. Joseph’s staff and physicians remain, as always, passionately committed to making a difference for those in our care – safely, skillfully, with respect, excellence and compassion.

Our Highlights

Two women connecting online

Harnessing the potential of virtual care

From the earliest days of the pandemic, many of St. Joseph’s programs and services rapidly and creatively pivoted to take advantage of what they saw as the COVID-19 silver lining.

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Lawson Health Research Institute scientists Ruud Veldhuizen (PhD), left, and respirologist Dr. Jim Lewis

Taking the battle to the lab

When cases of COVID-19 began emerging in London, Lawson Health Research Institute’s medical scientists quickly mobilized, launching studies to explore the impact on patients, residents, staff and physicians in London’s hospitals.

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Alexis in her graduation dress

Endings, beginnings and the confidence to grow

At only 12 years old, while most young girls are eagerly envisioning the freedoms and adventures that lie ahead, Alexis couldn’t see a future for herself.

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Jill drinking coffee outside her Locomotive Espresso business

The path forward

It’s been nearly nine years since Rob Staffen was cycling down a mountain near Palm Springs, California when his road bike suddenly malfunctioned, catapulting him head-first into the rock-strewn desert terrain.

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3 Indigenous women beating hand-held drums

Hope, healing, connection and wellness

Transforming the mental health care experience of Indigenous peoples and breaking down long-standing barriers to care is the focus of an innovative, collaborative program of Joseph’s and Atlohsa Family Healing Services.

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Leda in her sewing room

A lucky break

It was Leda Jarrett’s first ever broken bone and it meant more than a year of recovery. Yet the 69-year-old says “nothing but good” has happened since her fall.

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Dr. Savita Dhanvantari (PhD) standing next to a confocal microscope

Lighting the way to better heart care

The heart is one of the hardest working organs in the body, providing the body with oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive. Every cell depends on this muscle.

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Lori Linton paddling the river

The right kind of treatment

Two years ago, Lori Linton felt she was running out of options. Struggling with a series of heartbreaking family and health challenges, her burdens were crippling – mentally and emotionally.

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