Message from Board  Chair  and  CEO

At St. Joseph’s, we are called upon to care for every patient, resident and family caregiver as a person with a unique set of strengths, goals, support networks, spirituality, physical and psychological conditions. And we are committed to doing so by reaching out, connecting care, innovating together, leveraging technology, and empowering people. These are our priorities as mapped out in our three-year strategic plan, which launched in 2018–2019. Through this far-reaching plan, we are addressing emerging needs and the changing landscape of health care by forging partnerships, seeking solutions and new knowledge, and translating research into care.

In this Annual Report to the Community we are proud to share our accomplishments and aspirations, all of which speak to innovation and excellence across our multi-site organization.

As we reach new heights, our enduring legacy and Catholic mission remain our compass and our foundation. This year, St. Joseph’s, as an organization, celebrates 150 years since the founding of our oldest site – Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. Unimaginable change has defined these past decades but so too has remarkable resiliency – the ability of the founding Sisters of St. Joseph, our organization, and everyone who has been part of our tremendous legacy of care, to embrace change.

Connected to our indomitable foundation, St. Joseph’s will boldly navigate the looming transformation of Ontario’s health care system. We will harness the opportunities and make change work for us, our patients, residents, clients and family caregivers.

We look forward to planning this journey with you as we continue to serve those who come to us in need, guided by the principles of Catholic health care and with the same spirit and devotion that has driven St. Joseph’s for the past 150 years.

Margaret Kellow
Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan
President and CEO